Wow ptr updating blizzard launcher

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I tried using a playonlinux script but that failed after selecting the It always gets stuck at the same spot 1/3 of the way finished with Updating Blizzard Update Agent" screen. TD: "Morgan's touching on an important point, which is there is a huge number of different kinds of players of World of Warcraft and they're interested in absorbing different kinds of content.Skip this if you already have this downloaded from before or have downloaded it from a mirror3) After the downloader has completed downloading " US PTR Installer" open that folder and run "Blizzard Updater.exe" 4) Choose any location with enough space to install the PTR client onto (12-15gb free space) 5) The installer will install the 3.01 PTR inside a folder called "World of Warcraft Public Test" folder.This folder should be installed outside your live wow folder.6) Open that folder and open the launcher (or The launcher will download some updated tools and files in a "patch.mpq" file in the wow public test folder.8) Run the PTR from that folder by opening the Green Test icon. The original game went up to patch 1.12 (the 1.1 launch client and 11 patches after), 's patches add content -- sometimes a lot of it! What is a 's launch client and every expansion since has bumped the version number up a full number, while each patch release is a decimal place.

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Last night’s update saw the end of the branding on the Blizzard launcher.

BLUSPACECOW'S PTR 3.2 INSTALL GUIDEI'm seeing a lot of threads on the PTR forums about having problems installing. There are currently 5 things you need to download to install up to the latest version of the 3.2 PTR US PTR == 107 MB Wo W-0.2.0-en == 1.16 GB Wo W- == 44.4 MB(*)For Mac OS X replace with .app0) Back up the 5 files above if you have them already.

Or download them from an unofficial mirror site from .

The version number down the bottom left hand side of the PTR login screen should read "Version 0.2.0 (10026)" .

Once again it'll get a downloader this time called "Wo W- US-dowch.exe".

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