Updating an iphone

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Apple's i OS 10.3 is probably coming by the end of March, bringing with it a batch of updates and new features.

Before you upgrade, however, it's a good idea to make sure you've got a full backup of your i Phone, just in case something goes wrong.

Apps that are not updated to include 64-bit support will not be supported in future versions of the software.

This will allow Apple to dredge the App Store of abandoned, unsupported applications which have sat stagnant for years.

And from October 2016, i OS started to warn users that support for 32-bit applications would be coming to an end.But first, let’s go ahead and start getting that new OS installed.When the update is available, Apple will send a notification to your phone.According to prominent i OS developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the move would also enable Apple to release hardware only capable of running 64-bit apps.In theory, that would free-up space on Apple’s next in-house system-on-a-chip to include more CPU cores, or larger CPU cores, or a better GPU.

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