Speed dating hong kong review 10 percent of us singles are using dating sites

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It might be densely populated but Hong Kong’s garnered a reputation for being a place where people flitter in and out — both literally and metaphorically.

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure to experience several months of a series of weird, funny and bizarre first dates (thanks Tinder), two relationships and, consequently, two quite tumultuous break-ups that came out of left field.

Women paid almost double and we were all told to ‘bring a smile’, dress smartly and remain ‘open to new possibilities’.

All attendees spent 3 minutes with each other one-on-one.

Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the organizer of one more controversial speed dating events in recent memory, one in which ladies paid 4,800 HKD to spend an evening with “foreigners” (white men) who paid nothing.

Here’s what Rachel Chan, founder of HK Speed Dating, had to say for herself: That makes sense.

The 28-year-old signed up with the service about six weeks ago as he had yet to find his feet socially after arriving in Hong Kong in August.

"I wanted to branch out from the international students circle to build a network of local friends," he says.

As not to encourage anyone, I’ve filled this under the ‘Possibly Racist‘ tag as opposed to ‘Events‘.) “.But when a man does it, this type of “prostitution” is illegal, but when a woman does it, it’s speed-dating?But the company doesn’t limit itself to collecting fees only from wealthy women. Chan said this weekend her company is hosting a dating event that matches female flight attendants, who will attend free of charge, with men who will pay HK,000 to mingle with them. “It’s because they travel around the world, and can carry on a conversation,” she says.Slightly overwhelmed and at a loss on what to focus on, I simply chose to just turn up for my personal assessment and one-on-one consultation with founder Kaitlin Kapur over tea at Café Gray Bar.Extremely personable and friendly, Kapur gently but firmly coaxed me into giving her a brief overview of my previous relationships, my work life, social life and hobbies before flicking through my Facebook and Instagram. “As long as you keep them down to one or two a month, you’re good.

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