Queensland dating laws

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Lawstuff This website provides information about child laws throughout Australia.It’s run by the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre and covers common legal questions that you or your child might have.He was charged with harassing and offensive use of the internet .

As your child grows up and becomes more independent, you might be wondering how old he needs to be before he can do things like open a bank account, join a political party, get a tattoo, see a doctor alone or consent to medical treatment, learn to drive, get a part-time job or be left at home alone.

Bullying is behaviour that: Cyber bullying is bullying carried out online or through mobile phones.

This could include using SMS, email or social networking sites to harass or abuse someone.

One of Brisbane's leading priests Dr Peter Catt says it's time for Australia's politicians to 'step up to the plate' and do their jobs by legislating marriage equality because marriage has modern meaning.

Did you know that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube all ban cyber bullying? If you have been bullied online, have seen bullying online or are worried that you may have bullied someone else online and you don’t know what to do next, you can get free, confidential legal advice from Lawmail.

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