Gay dating guernsey

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For right-wing States deputies like Peter Bougourd, the Bill is the first step toward turning the island into a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

"To legalise is to normalise, and buggery ain't normal," said Mr Bougourd last weekend. "At the moment, the homosexual thing is a small problem here; it's the few," he said.

Such a curious mish-mash of styles and times, perspectives and peoples, makes the island a perfect spot from which to explore the idea of identity, as this year’s Festival of Photography does with some aplomb and the tiniest dash of oversight.

As MPs at Westminster prepare to debate the issue again today, self-governing Guernsey - where the homosexual age of consent is still 21 - has decided to go it alone.If Enrapture is looking after your domain name or you register it through us, this will be completely transparent to you as we will take care of everything to make sure your name is taking visitors where it should.Web space is the next part of the puzzle and is the area where the public files of your website are stored.The festival plays out over a number of venues across St Peter Port.A sunken garden and the library lawns, which slope down toward the sea are two of the most captivating, but the curators have also made use of bus shelters and vacated shops, to varying degrees of success.

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