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The school has 149 pupils, aged from three to 19, all of whom have behavioural needs within the autistic spectrum, and varying levels of language and communication difficulties.

Children file into the hall wearing brightly coloured noise-reduction headphones (background noise is upsetting for some autistic children); others have books hanging around their necks, with pictures of objects and commands for them to point to: I want a drink; I need to go to the toilet (the staff wear a set of commands too).

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It is never easy to learn that someone you love has a serious health or developmental condition.

Learning all you can about the disorder -- and where to get help -- will ease your fear and confusion.

'This is the best performance ever,’ he shouts, jumping up and down before the music has even started.

'It makes me want to dance.’ His teacher tries to shush him gently, but the conductor is not concerned about concert hall etiquette.

Ibrihim, a chubby-cheeked six-year-old sitting in the audience, is excited.) [All links open in new windows.] Ok, deep breath.It really is surprising how many people I’ve seen doing this.This is a tricky subject, I know, but these five mistakes that need discussing. Rather importantly, this is not specifically a guide for parents.(Not being a parent myself, I don’t claim to have any insight specific to parenting.) It is a guide for who has any contact with a young and/or vulnerable autistic person, whether they are parents, teachers, teaching assistants, family friends, and so on.

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