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The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center between Sacramento and Seattle – an honor earned only by the nation's top cancer centers.

It is headquarters for one of the National Cancer Institute's largest research collaboratives, SWOG, in addition to offering the latest treatments and technologies as well as hundreds of research studies and clinical trials.

At the end of the test, you will have your results immediately: the number of correct answers as well as your level corresponding to the European languages framework.

Of course, this is only an approximation, but the result will give you an idea of your current level.

Before starting, set aside the necessary time to complete the test without interruptions.

These tests are free of charge and you don’t have to register your details before starting.

This is because if, instead of giving up in frustration after making a mistake, we work constructively to understand the mistake, the strategy to solve the problem stays with us better than if we just memorize the solution.

Clinical staff can save up to three hours of the time needed to capture the equivalent amount of data found in traditional tools.Because the assessment is taken electronically, multiple clients can complete an assessment at your facility or even remotely.What's more, scoring is automated – your staff does not need to perform the time consuming task of hand scoring assessments.'; } function create Navigation(current Slide, events) function get Event Index By Date( in Date, events, approximate ) else } return indexes; } function get Event Date By Index( in Index, events ) var available Dates = [ "2017-08-27", "2017-08-16", "2017-08-17", "2017-08-21", "2017-08-24", "2017-08-25", "2017-08-28", "2017-09-04"]; function get Preformatted Date( date ) function available(date) var month Names = [ "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"]; function trigger Minimize() { $('.section').toggle Class('min'); $('.Authors Bookstore Catalogs Criminal Justice Resources Mobile Apps Navy MORE Partners Program Prevention Resources Product Training Sales Representatives Treatment Resources Webinars BHI-MV, ASI-MV and CHAT Building Assets Reducing Risks The BHI-MV (Behavioral Health Index-Multimedia Version) is an on-line, client self-administered comprehensive behavioral health assessment tool which provides an overview of the client's functioning in multiple key life domains.

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